MOVE Muscle Gel
MOVE Muscle Gel
MOVE Muscle Gel
MOVE Muscle Gel
MOVE Muscle Gel

MOVE Muscle Gel

Müv: to take action. An easily absorbed, deep acting gel that contains potent pain relieving and anti-inflammatory plant power, soothing muscular discomfort naturally. Terpene-rich and fortified with MSM, active THC and CBD to inspire movement and action.

Most cannabis topicals on the market are oil based creams, but Move Muscle Gel begins with organic aloe juice, making it a water-based topical lotion. It glides on skin with ease and is absorbed immediately into the dermis without an oily or sticky residue. MSM promotes enhances efficacy and penetration of active ingredients to deeper tissue levels.

Combined in this formula are cooling menthol, warming capsicum, and camphor oil for a cooling/ warming sensation. There are over 20 essential oils known to aid the body, and promote relief. 

* 220mg THC : 150mg CBD

Move Muscle Gel is beneficial for:
• Sore and inflamed joints/ muscles/ tendons/ ligaments
• Circulation problems
• Sprains, strains, and bruises
• Pre/ Post workout

Apply liberally to affected area and massage until fully absorbed. Repeat as required. Avoid eyes and mucous membranes. Wash hands after application. Do not use on open skin.

Vegan. No added parabens. No added phthalates. No added gluten.

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